The Department of International Study Programs was founded in 2020 in accordance with the national laws of the Greek government and the Ministry of Education. University of West Attica (UNIWA) has approximately 55,700 undergraduate, 5,500 postgraduate and 460 doctoral students enrolled; a number that is rapidly increasing. The mission of the department is to boost the international status of the university by enhancing the implementation of agreements for academic programs co-organized by UNIWA and other foreign academic institutions.

Our strategy is to invest in people and our practice is to co-operate with the academic community based on a system of values, trust, stability and credibility with ethics and justice, providing equal opportunities and applying the university’s meritocracy and accountability to society. At the same time, we are encouraging the intensification of digital transformation, multiculturalism, international innovation and academic cosmopolitanism.

 The goal of the department is to handle the administrational support of the agreements by taking care of all the legislative requirements for the incoming students who wish to enroll in the international academic programs. Our department consists of an experienced team who is able to help the international students adjust in the Greek culture and enjoy both their studies and the hospitality offered by the Greek people. Particularly, our department is involved with the following procedures:

  • The support of foreign students enrolled in the International Study Programs of the institution during their communication with other public organizations on issues related to their residence in the country.
  • The concern, in collaboration with other departments, for the conduct of Greek language courses and / or support courses of other foreign languages, addressed to the foreign students of the UNIWA.
  • The provision of general instructions and information to those interested, on issues related to the International Study Programs.
  • The coordination and care for finding solutions and dealing with common problems, submitting proposals for their solution , organization of meetings of the employees of the academic departments.